June 3, 2019

C-D Real Estate

Canada-Dubai An International real estate agency aimed at buying and selling property in Dubai remotely for their clients around the world,whose identity was designed by the Erahaus Creative Agency in 2019.


Creating a brand that fits the geographical location of the company's activities.

  • Strategy

    Brand identity, Digital Marketing

  • Design

    Brand, Art Direction

  • Client

    Canada-Dubai Real Estate

The brand’s desire is to communicate with people around the world to be able to inspire the client and value the person more and constantly win confidence. The brand’s organizational colour is red,that comes from the colour of the flag of Canada,also the organization’s flag has the maple leaf,taken from the flag of Canada as a symbol of this country,and towers of Dubai as another symbol.

Communication – Commerce – Technology 

We make broad vision ٫ creativity and innovation a tool to solve customer problems in the market today and tomorrow. trying to build a closer relationship between brands and their customers by relying on this. help our customers grow well in online sales and digital marketing.

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