We Make the future make sense now.


We Make the Future Make Sense Now.

Design is our craft, and we truly know it. We are committed to exploiting our resources and tools with a discerning eye for innovation and making a change.

From branding to product development, our services comprise anything having to do with making a change while being memorable and effective. We value efficiency as well as quality so that not only is no time lost, the final work, also, will remain seamless and eye-catching. 


Created to deliver functionality, durability, and value, 90sTactical is a brand offering innovative gears as well as clothing
articles, whose identity was designed by the Erahaus Design Group in 2019.



ichem is an international trading & distribution company. dealing with the Import and Export of Chemical & Petrochemical Products whose identity was designed by the Erahaus Design Group in 2019.

T.A.J Group

T.A.J, the abbreviation of ‘Tejaratkhaneh Amin Jonoub’,
belongs to a food company based in Iran. With the aim of
raising people’s health levels and quality of life, T.A.J takes
advantage of innovative food scientists to realize this aim
while still providing a pleasant taste to make life sweet.


Repiton Lounge

You have to shine in the light of day and this is evident in all of your identity. Repiton is a unique cafe in the bustle of Tehran, Iran.

Other Works